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Scope of services

The diversity of the substrates and the distinguishing features of the biomass projects in the Balkans are very challenging and exiting.

Our competent team has extensive experience and expertise in the biogas and biomass field sector in order to provide the best customised profitable  plants for our clients.

We provide the German quality and  experience in the Greek market.

Our clients are small and big farms, investment companies, industries, renewable funds, energy and waste management companies.

It is our priority is to have a trusting cooperation. We support and accompany the projects by the development and feasibility study, licensing, financial consulting / solutions and implementation but also, we support the evaluation, repowering and sale of existing ones.


With three service points in the Balkans we are very flexible to assistance and maintenance our projects.


Spare parts  // Installation  // Permission  // Implementation engineering  // Operation & Management of biogas plants // Expert reports// Operator trainings //  Biology ans substrate mixe Consulting // Biology commissioning // Equipment commissioning //

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