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The Management and employees of the Company are committed to implement the fundamental business ethics principles that govern the company as determined by the Code of Ethics. A culture of compliance is a core value of the company as it creates added value in its relationships with customers and public authorities.

To strengthen the fight against corruption and bribery, the company sets the following goals:
- Prohibition of all forms of corruption and bribery within the company as well as in all the relations between customers, suppliers and partners
- Full compliance with all relevant legislation related to corruption and bribery issues
- Continuously training and raising awareness among its employees about issues of corruption and bribery
- Encourage of staff to raise concerns for incidents of corruption and bribery
- Provision of independent communication channels for all stakeholders to report incidents of corruption and bribery
- Protection of staff who make such reports as well as individuals involved in the investigation from retaliation
- Assurance of the independence of the Compliance Officer
- Determination of a specific framework of indicators for the continuous monitoring and
improvement of the Management System
- Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System
- Implementation of the prescribed provisions of the legislation in case of deviation from the
principles of this Policy

Files to download 

Code of Ethics 

You can download the English version here

Code of Ethics

You can download the Greek version here

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